Where Pigeons go to Die

Where Pigeons go to Die

I saw this movie when I was a kid and it went straight to my heart. It’s a masterpiece for us, the pigeon fanciers. It’s about discovering the pigeon hobby at an early age. It’s about life. Why don’t we have such movies nowadays? The current technology could produce wonderful movies about racing pigeons, and nope, I don’t talk about documentaries on how to become a champion, but movies for the general audience.

Everybody says that this hobby is going to die, but we don’t do anything about that. Is it all about money? Is it all about pigeon auctions, about champion pigeons sold for thousands, are these the things we felt in love with at the beginning of our hobby? No.

There was a movie recently about hamsters or guinea pigs, and guess what? The kids allover the world started to get these rodents as pets.

There is a version of the movie online right now but it deserves a much better quality.

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