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Keep your pigeons healthy.


Pigeon Canker Treatment – 4 Medication Options

Dimetridazole, Metronidazole, Carnidazole and Ronidazole are the options for pigeon canker treatment. Tablets are always better than water soluble medication.


Pigeon Fanciers Lung Disease

What is pigeon fanciers lung disease? Useful protection and prevention tips.


Probiotics – Bacteria Keeping Your Pigeons Healthy

We can fight salmonella by taking care of the good bacteria in the pigeon’s gut adding probiotics.


Canker in Pigeons – Trichomoniasis Prevention Tips

Trichomoniasis (canker) disease in pigeons: symptoms, prevention and treatment.


Pigeons Circovirus

The circovirus of young pigeons started to be a problem in the early 90’s.

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