Ultramarathon 3300 Km pigeon race – 1671 pigeons released, 4 arrived home

This pigeons ultramarathon was named “The Kuizhong Cup” ultra long distance competition and was organised on the East coast of China in 1994.

A total of 1671 pigeons were released at 7:45 am on Thursday 7th July 1994 in Korla in the northwest of China. Only 4 pigeons came home.

Jiangsu Wuxi pigeon fancier Su Rongjin won 1st and 3rd places, the winning ring number being CHN91-068731. This was a 3 years old blue checker hen named “KORLA KAMIKAZE” and she clocked on July 27, 1994, after 21 days of flying achieving a speed of 210.95 m/min for a distance of 3200 km.

Korla Kamikaze

The 3rd place is CHN92-423721.

The 2nd place was won by 2 years old black cock CHN92-156480 that was clocked at 10 am on Thursday 11th August 1994 after 36 days of flying.

Earlier in life he flew :
In 1993: 500 km, 700 km, 1,500 km.
In 1994: 500 km, 1,000 km, and Korla 3,200 km.

One year old black checker hen from Nantong CHN93-382779 won 4th place, 2nd place in the female group, and Nantong overall champion.

Because the pigeon was the best in the world at that time in three categories, therefore, it was awarded the title “QUEEN OF THE EAST CHINA SEA“.

Impressive performance for this yearling hen:
1. The longest flight, 3300 kilometers.
2. She was the youngest, only 10 months old at the time of the competition.
3. The longest time on the way, 120 days.

The pigeon owner is Sha Yinxu, who lives in the rural area of ​​Jugang Town, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province. Has purchased it from the breeding loft of Xiongtong.

More Extreme Long Distance Racing Pigeons Records

On September 23, 2005 a total of 15 birds were released from Kashgar, Xinjiang, CHINA. A new world record has been broken by a blue Chinese bird named “Creation Invincible” CHN2003-11-007675. It took 83 days to cross the “Dead Desert”, a distance of 4308 km, breaking the old record for the longest distance of homing pigeons created by the American bird named “Blue Barron” in 1981, flying from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, a distance of 4,072 km. The two year old blue cock with ring number “1979VDS38” raised by Kent, and the bloodline was Janssen X Bricoux. Only 2 pigeons were clocked from Kashgar flight, the first pigeon flew 3640 km in 38 days.

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