Pigeon Canker Treatment – 4 Medication Options

You can treat pigeon canker with water soluble medication or with tablets (recommended):

  • oral canker tablets – for individual pigeon treatment. This is the best option and I recommend it. While this option comes with the effort of catching pigeons for individual tablet treatment, you are guaranteed to offer them the right dosage which makes the treatment safe and effective;
  • water soluble canker medication – this option is often used to treat pigeon trichomoniasis in the entire flock at once. It is more convenient for the fancier (eliminates the effort to catch pigeons especially in big flocks) but it is less efficient or can be toxic for the birds because in hot weather they drink a lot more water and in cold weather they drink less. The fancier will have to adjust the recommended dosage of canker medicine based on the water intake of pigeons and it is almost impossible to estimate the right dosage according to temperature.
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