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hawk-wounded-pigeon-youngsterWhy is it good to be around the loft when you let the birds out for training? Because in case a hawk attacks, especially when you have young birds, it usually takes them in your yard and if you are there you can quickly rescue them from the hawk. The picture in this post shows a young bird I saved from under the hawk in my yard 2 days ago. The hawk came out of nowhere (as usual) and the “older” young birds exploded in a fast flight while the newly weaned ones dropped to the ground. The hawk easily took one.

Right before the attack of the hawk, I wanted to go inside the house but something kept me there with the pigeon for a few more minutes. This simply saved the life of this young bird. The hawk looked at me with scary eyes and then dissapeared as fast as he attacked.

Another example that shows why it is good to be around the loft when you let the pigeons out: one day I noticed a pigeon coming from the training around the loft, it was flying strange, weaker and weaker and finally dropped to the ground in the street. I got it quickly and so I saved it. His sternum was hit and it couldn’t control his wings anymore because of the pain in the sternum bone.

In the first day it couldn’t even climb on the first row of perches. In a few days, he started to fly a little, and in about 5 days it was already flying up to the 4th row of perches. Then he was able to fly in the sputnik and on the roof top, and soon after that it joined the flock again. Flying weaker and coming home before the flock at the beginning, it is now fully integrated back in the flock.

So, I saved 2 pigeon lives just by staying with them. Whenever I have to leave home, I call the pigeons in and lock them. I also prefer to keep them in if I don’t have the time to watch them and be there for them when they need me.