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Watch this great documentary about the hero pigeons that delivered messages during the World War II. After seeing this movie, you’ll love messenger pigeons even more. The messenger pigeons saved hundreds of human lives, transporting messages when all the other methods of communication failed or were blocked.

The war was between people but it was also a war between birds: pigeons and falcons. The enemy started to use domesticated falcons to hunt the messenger pigeons.


The Dickin Medal was offered to the hero animals: 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, 3 horses and a cat.


This documentary is based on the files of the most famous hero messenger pigeons: Winkie, William of Orange, Mary of Exeter, G.I. Joe and Duke of Normandy. The female “Mary of Exeter” successfully completed many missions, delivering messages inspite of her wounds from war falcons and bullets.

Enjoy this great movie!