Racing pigeons • 10,181 views

I am a fan of Alan Wheeldon’s articles. I’ve just discovered an article by Alan which left me speechless.

Here are the key points of Alan’s article:

  • It’s about Ron Sampford’s loft, considered the smallest loft in Europe (8 foot by 5 foot). That is the only loft! All the stock birds, racing birds and youngsters live there.
  • Total birds: 7 couples of old birds and 6 young birds
  • He rarely loses a bird and has incredible results
  • He has really tough inbred birds. One year he only bred ONE young bird! That bird completed the whole racing program.
  • He only feeds beans – WELL, please use the comment feature below this article, I really don’t understand how can those pigeons race(and race well) just on beans.
  • What does he put in the water? …. just water. :))
  • No medicines or vitamins are used. He just vaccinates for paramyxovirus.

It is really relaxing to read such stuff. I really think that when I’ll start racing again, I will use this method.

Enjoy the full article – *well, I’ve just noticed after a few years that the website went offline… too bad :(.