Peregrine Falcon feeding

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I was finally able to film a peregrine falcon eating on the ground. It took one of my pigeons but I didn’t see where it landed. Later I heard the crows and magpies and spotted him.
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Vlog: Winter Freedom

Pigeonmania Blog • 1,339 views

Winter freedom for racing pigeons can be dangerous because of the birds of prey but it is very healthy for the pigeons. You can see the natural selection at work. Read more »

Computer game scene – messenger pigeon in war flying over the battle field

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I have always been impressed by those old pictures of messenger pigeons in the war and the stories around them.
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Flying Home

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Flying Home… a movie we’ll love. A movie about life and the racing pigeons sport. It’s also a movie for the general public so it will promote our hobby, which is great.

Barcelona pigeon races by year: 2013, 2012, …

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Below you can find information and videos about the Barcelona races by year: 2013, 2012, 2010

Barcelona Pigeon Race 2013

Here are some movies from the Barcelona 2013 pigeon race. 25.382 pigeons compete for fame and victory.

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Epic hawk atack at the loft! (Cam Captured)

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Sometimes a video camera can capture some epic moments… and you can watch in slow motion some of the greatest hawk atacks that you can hardly see in real time because of their incredible speed.

War of the birds

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Watch this great documentary about the hero pigeons that delivered messages during the World War II. After seeing this movie, you’ll love messenger pigeons even more. The messenger pigeons saved hundreds of human lives, transporting messages when all the other methods of communication failed or were blocked.
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Catfish hunting pigeons

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Can you believe it? Our pigeons aren’t prey only for hawks, falcons and furry animals. I thought I’ve seen it all, but this clip left me speechless. Fish hunting pigeons?! Wow.

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So wild, yet so tame

Education & Behavior • 2,023 views

I have always been fascinated by the duality of the pigeons and the strong constrast between their wild behavior outside the loft and their tame behavior inside the loft, with the fancier. Outside they fly like a hurricane up in the sky, surviving the attacks of the fastest animal on earth, the peregrine falcon, and then they are back in the loft where they change completely in some tame birds that trust you.
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Good racing pigeons are tame. 10/10 from 850 Km / 530 miles

Education & Behavior • 3,059 views

I was impressed by the fact that there were no losses and 50% pigeons scored. I was also really impressed by their relationship with the fancier. You happen to have a few tame pigeons, but all of them? Brilliant. I assume that most good racing pigeons are tame, or at least don’t fly around and hide like crazy when you enter the loft. And no, I’m not talking about education and time spent with pigeons… I think it’s all in the genes, some pigeons lines are simply wild no matter what you do.

A video by MERIDIAN RACING PIGEONS loft. The pigeons raced from France back to their home in England (529 miles / 850 Km).