Vlog: Winter Freedom - Pigeonmania

Vlog: Winter Freedom

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Winter freedom for racing pigeons can be dangerous because of the birds of prey but it is very healthy for the pigeons. You can see the natural selection at work. Read more »

Starlings and pigeons mixed flock VS the hawk

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I think I am the first who ever filmed a mixed flock of pigeons and starlings. My youngster pigeons got scared by the hawk and started the “dance” around it up in the sky. A flock of young starlings joined my pigeons. Power in numbers!
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Epic hawk atack at the loft! (Cam Captured)

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Sometimes a video camera can capture some epic moments… and you can watch in slow motion some of the greatest hawk atacks that you can hardly see in real time because of their incredible speed.

Why you should be at the loft when you let the pigeons out

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hawk-wounded-pigeon-youngsterWhy is it good to be around the loft when you let the birds out for training? Because in case a hawk attacks, especially when you have young birds, it usually takes them in your yard and if you are there you can quickly rescue them from the hawk. The picture in this post shows a young bird I saved from under the hawk in my yard 2 days ago. The hawk came out of nowhere (as usual) and the “older” young birds exploded in a fast flight while the newly weaned ones dropped to the ground. The hawk easily took one.
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Raptor Video Collection: Falcons & Hawks Atacking Pigeons

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I have always been fascinated by the attacks of the birds of pray on pigeons. Every new attack remains in your memory for years, some of them forever. The adrenaline of those moments is incredible and when the bird tricks the raptor and survives it gives you a great satisfaction.

In this article I will collect movies with peregrine falcons and hawks attacking pigeons – only the best of them. If you know such a movie missing from this collection, please let me know about it!
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