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Following his best-selling “Secrets of Champions”, Jim Jenner helps you learn more from some of the pigeon sports most consistent winners. Filmed in Belgium, Holland, Ireland and England this DVD features Dutch Champion Ad Schaerlaeckens, Irish Champions Ronnie Williamson & Gregg Brothers, English Champions Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland & More.

They talk about their breeding systems and how they select their feeds. But that is only part of what you’ll learn from these experts. You’ll also hear how they use natural substances to keep their birds in top shape. Get ready to enjoy a relaxing and informative two hours with some of the smartest, most successful and down-to-earth experts in the pigeon racing game.

Here are some of the things I really liked in this material:
– the guys really use cheap stuff, they aren’t after expensive secret solutions. Just the cheap good old stuff. Grit rocks! And grit is better fresh than thrown in the loft for a week or more; Ad Schaerlaeckens says that grit is too cheap and this is why there isn’t much advertising for grit in the pigeon magazines – that’s damn true!
– there’s no better and cheaper cure for respiratory problems than fresh air;
– pigeons need greens. Why do we always forget?!
honey for pigeons is recommended by all the fanciers in this documentary;
– it is better to buy birds from areas where many fanciers race a few birds than where a few fanciers race many birds;
– racers must choose their own mates for a maximum motivation (very good point!!);
– the more you do for the birds, the less they do for you :)) Fantastic one! Although it might sound strange, it’s SO true;
– luck is BIG in the pigeon sport, so free mating isn’t actually a bad idea;
– the sport is not about better medicines, better methods like most fanciers believe – it is about better birds.

Ad said a great story about a rich guy that bought a lot of expensive pigeons and then made the couples by the prices paid: the most expensive hen with the most expensive cock, and so on. The remaining two, the cheapest birds, one present from his cousin and one from a local fancier gave him one of the best pigeons in the history. Ha!

Definitely a must have DVD.