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Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the racing pigeons for sale are for sale because they were not good enough to be kept in the loft. So, what should we look for, when we want to buy a good racing pigeon for the stock loft?

First of all, the pigeon must have many great results in its pedigree: sisters, brothers, cousins, parents and grandparents must have good race results and also breeding results. If you see many connections between them, and good results for most of them, it’s great. I would not buy a pigeon whose parents and grandparents didn’t race, just because they have a good blood line. The name doesn’t fly, the pedigree doesn’t fly. But the time flies, and you shouldn’t waste yours by buying pigeons just because you have an empty nest box in the loft.

A very important aspect, if you ask me, and often forgotten, is the health of the birds and the management of the loft. If you aren’t the man with the pharmacy in the loft and you get birds from a fancier that “feeds them antibiotics” on a regular basis, the bird will not adapt to your loft and the youngsters it produces might not perform as you expect (that is if they manage to stay alive!).

Which are the best sources of quality birds?
– The best thing you can get is a young bird (be it late bred) from a loft with great results. The fancier didn’t have the chance to see what the young bird can and can’t do, so you might put your hands on a really good pigeon, with a good price.
– The second best thing you can get is the parent of a super racing pigeon, because its value in the breeding loft is proven.
– As a beginner, if you want something really cheap but with the chance of getting super quality, go for some eggs and put them under your pigeons. There are many widowhood lofts that throw away lots of eggs which you can use.
– Another good source of quality pigeons are whole team sales, from somebody leaving the hobby.
– Some pigeon auctions can also work, but I can’t touch this topic because I always liked to get birds from local fanciers that race better than me.