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Mr. Iustin Ciubotariu sent me the picture of one of his long distance pigeons that returned from a 800 Km race during the night, at 1:20 A.M. !
“The Nightflier” is a pigeon born in 2006.

The fancier often found him at the loft in the morning, after long distance races. He thought the pigeon was flying during the night but couldn’t be sure. After he switched from the mechanic to the electronic timing system, he finally proved that the pigeon was flying during the night. Coming home from a 800 KM race, the fancier heard the clock beeping at 1:20 A.M. and found the pigeon in the loft.

So, there are pigeons that can and DO fly during the night. Not many of them do that, however, and I don’t know if this quality can be passed from parents to youngsters. I guess it also depends on weather, but still, any kind of night is still very dark for a bird that is not a cat after all. :)