Pigeonmania – The game

As far as I know, this is the first computer game in the world featuring racing pigeons. It would be cool if a company that creates computer games would build a much more complex game with racing pigeons, starting from my idea. There are already computer games about football / soccer – managing teams, etc – something really wonderful can be done for the racing pigeons fanciers to enjoy in the winter, when the season is off.

There are thousands of users playing this little game I built. I am glad you like it. Thank you!

Click here to play the game.

On this page you can discuss about the game.


  1. Webmaster

    Hi Lee – you lose one point everytime somebody else starts a game, it is the only way I can manage so many users. Otherwise, somebody would claim position #1 with a huge score and never return for years to play, and newcomers wouldn’t be able to claim the #1 spot.

    If you mean the score isn’t saved after each race, this indeed is a problem but I can’t see it for my test users I’ve just created for this. They work fine.

  2. Webmaster

    Thank you for the suggestions broekoe, I will think about them and also visit the suggested games.

    What you say is pretty complex and I would need months if not years of development and I can’t afford that, at least not for now. This game was developed in my spare time and it took about a year to complete.

  3. broekoe

    the problem is that those sites already are broken down, the makers of the game did it also in there spare time.

    Maybe you can contact them, with your graphics and the gameplay of those other sites you must become the best internetgame of the world !

  4. Webmaster

    I look forward to seeing the new PigeonPanic game when they release it, for now I see it is under construction. Also there is a problem I only know English, I needed a translator for the website.

  5. Webmaster

    Jon, the game works fine, I’ve just tested it. Please tell me more.

    By the way, some guys are abusing the game, see the first positions…I will take care of that soon.

  6. Malta

    i would like to thank you for this superb pigeon game. i would like to suggest that in another version it would be nice if you have your own loft and choose your bird and feed, train him etc. thanks again
    regards from malta [[:

  7. jurgen

    there is a game from the Netherlands cold pigeon panic !
    jou get 6 pigeons 100€ money jou must food them every day make flights and clean you house.
    I am from belgium now the game is build up and this season is great wite the new updates.

    greets Jurgen

  8. pigeonbrain

    Hi Andrei. Ok will be looking forward to it. I develop software as a hobby too and I understand hehe.

    Any way to contact you other than this site? Can’t seem to find any profile details? I do understand if you want to keep it private. :)

  9. Andrei (PigeonMania.com)


    It happens like in real life, one pigeon can be good in one race and bad in the next one… it depends on its mood, condition, loft position (eggs, youngsters, etc).

  10. jjpiper2

    After playing regularly I finally made the top 10 and then played a few more races. Then during one race the (game)screen froze up and would not continue. I had to close the window and now I’m banned and lose all my money. Please get a 2.0 that has more options especially raising your own racers. Thanks.

  11. mohammed

    i think we should have loft and to call them in after they land click the mouse lots of times to shake the can or to call them in………………….

  12. jjpiper2

    Love the game. Don’t change it too much. I like the random aspect to choosing winners in each race. I have a few suggestions. Nothing too big.

    – Change the background or let people choose from more than one background. Maple trees, pine trees, mountains, desert (cactus) or open water etc.
    – Let people choose more than 12 pigeons (maybe add another 12), the other pigeons in each race can be selected at random.
    – Longer races should be worth more. No one wants to wait for the long game to finish if it’s worth the same money. I find the short game just about the right length.
    -Trapping into a loft at the end might be nice. Or a truck toss at the start.
    – Have a random race (about every 100th race) be a smash. Blown away by wind, chased by hawk, etc.
    -Have the option to double your bet or make certain random races worth extra bonus money as a combine or whatever.

    This game actually got me into raising my own real racing homers and I may get some fancy breeds now too.


  13. WillieV

    WillieV, I am a Vietnam Combat Vet ( 1967 to Dec 1968 “Big Tet”) and this game has helped me so much with my PTSD, Thank You very much! If you could have a real complex version produced, I would gladly paid to have it or help in contributing funds for it to be made. W.V. from Puerto Rico, thanks again.

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