Pigeon nests and nesting materials


It is recommended to let the pigeons build their own nests because this activity makes them love the nest more and will help during races. Some of the best materials for pigeon nests are:

  • tobacco sticks
  • pine needles
  • Acacia sticks
  • Walnut leaves sticks

Tobacco sticks and pine needles also have anti-parasitic effects, so they are recommended. Drop a pile of sticks on the floor of the loft or outside and watch the males carrying them and the females carefully arranging the nest. If you put the nest materials outside the loft, if you have a sputnik you will have a lot of fun watching the males trying to enter with the stick…


  1. Andrei

    I tried sand too but they kept throwing it out of the nest! :)) They simply hated it so I sticked to sticks. :D I also love to see them working with the sticks.

  2. Beginner

    Hi there,

    Using this more ‘natural’ method, is there a way of ensuring the birds will use the nest bowl or nest box provided?
    Please email me the reply if you can ,


  3. steve foster

    I’m 82 years old fooling with these birds 70 years and found nest pades to be the best. But I do put straw on the floor for the birds to ad to their nest.the reason forthe pads isto keep the babys warm. Try it you’ll like it. STEVE

  4. Robin Foster

    I bought my injured pigeon (housebound, with wing break) quail eggs to sit on and brought in sticks from outdoors. I arranged the nesting materials so they’d have something to do while recuperating. They became enraged at the site of the nest of others and littered my room with the sticks, kicking the eggs out of the way instead taking the sticks back into their own cage. So fun to watch! I love pigeons.

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