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I have always been fascinated by the attacks of the birds of pray on pigeons. Every new attack remains in your memory for years, some of them forever. The adrenaline of those moments is incredible and when the bird tricks the raptor and survives it gives you a great satisfaction.

In this article I will collect movies with peregrine falcons and hawks attacking pigeons – only the best of them. If you know such a movie missing from this collection, please let me know about it!

In this movie, at the minute 4:15 you can see a “last moment trick” that saves the pigeon’s life often.

Here’s another cool movie on peregrines and pigeons.

This is why our pigeons shouldn’t just sit on the roof but enter the loft immediately after training:

Trained falcon missed poor pigeon:

Nice video on peregrines and pigeons and how they evolved in the same time, in a perfect balance that in the end works under the same old rule of nature: survival of the fittest. The fittest pigeon survives and breeds. The same happens with the falcons.

Excellent movie with falcon attacks on highflying fancy pigeons:

A movie I did trying to show the falcon’s attack. The falcon is from a documentary footage, I wasn’t able to film it, it’s too fast and usually attacks to high in the sky. I need a better camera.