Pigeon lung – loft dust respiratory allergy

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What is pigeon lung? It is an allergy to the pigeon dust that affects about 20% of the pigeon fanciers, with different degrees of severity. Exposed to the pigeon dust, you get shortness of breath, cough, feverish illness and other symptoms. Read all about this allergy on the Pigeon Lung website – it is the official resource for this health problem. Pigeon fanciers lung is a form of extrinsic allergic alveolitis.

I also had pigeon lung and I created this page for all the fanciers with this allergy to exchange tips and ideas. Let’s help each other to easily manage pigeon lung and keep our pigeons and beloved hobby.

Below is a list of resources about PFL. I will update this list every time I find interesting and useful information. Please contribute with your knowledge.
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The future of the racing pigeons sport

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Fanciers talk about the death of the racing pigeons sport. Is it coming to an end? There aren’t many kids starting with pigeons nowadays. What are the reasons?

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1. Too expensive?
2. Too much work & time consuming?
3. It’s not “cool”?
4. People don’t care about animals as much as the older generations did?
5. Computer games and other attractions?
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Electrolytes for the racing pigeons – good or bad?

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I read a lot about electrolytes lately, and I tend to consider them a very useful product in this sport, during the racing season. However, there are some opinions against electrolytes. Some opinions that I found interesting are below.
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Probiotics for racing pigeons

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We can fight salmonella by taking care of the good bacteria in the pigeon’s gut. We should try to avoid the use of antibiotics, which will also kill the good bacteria and later this will allow the growth of pathogens. The good bacteria can also be affected by stress, for example after a hard race. This is when the probiotics become useful.
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Racing pigeon life – THE MOVIE

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I recorded the episodes for this movie during the 2006 young birds season. Here’s some pure adrenaline from the racing pigeons sport!

Thank you all for making this video #1 on youtube in the racing pigeons category!

8 youngsters from 1 pair – case study #1

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Being a fan of Alan Wheeldon‘s articles, I started to apply his advices in my own loft. This case study, inspired from his article “Breeding Winners“, comes to show 8 youngsters bred from the same couple, in several months this year (of course, one round of eggs were adopted by another pair, to speed up the young birds production).

I made 5 videos, 1 with the breeding pair and 4 with the 4 nests of youngsters. I am sorry that my idea came too late, I should have filmed all the babies at the same age, before moulting of the first 4, in order to see the phenotype differences better. Anyway, here we go:
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Trichomoniasis – Canker in pigeons

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Trichomoniasis (or canker, by its common name used by most fanciers) is the most common disease of the racing pigeons. It is said that most of the pigeons are infested with canker during their lives, but it rarely shows symptoms of the disease in mature birds.
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Is salt necessary in the loft?

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Is salt necessary in the loft? I hear many fanciers that they use salt and the pigeons love it. I’ve never used salt and my pigeons are fine. Why exactly is the salt necessary? We also know that the electrolytes might contain it too. The only reason I’m afraid to introduce it to my pigeons is that they might eat too much for the first time and I learnt that they can die if this happens.

Loft training. How long is enough?

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What’s better than drinking your morning coffee in a summer morning seeing your flock loft training like crazy? There are so many theories about how long the loft training should be…
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The fascination of RED

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red pigeon

I am mad about red pigeons. FULL reds especially, more than red checkers. The funny thing is – I heard many fanciers saying that they are crazy about red pigeons too, they love the color. More than that, some of them want to create a full family of successful red pigeons. Are there strong families of reds nowadays? I’d love to learn about a fresh line of successful reds, like the famous Bricoux that were killing the long distance races many years ago and also looked gorgeous!