Ruby Blue

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Jack (Bob Hoskins) faces a time of loss and depression after his wife dies. A ray of sunshine appears in his life with his new neighbor, Florrie, a little girl that wants to learn about Jack’s racing pigeons. When she moves next door, she discovers Jack’s neglected racing pigeons and by visiting his loft often, she renews his own love for the birds. The pigeons also become fascinating for a young guy with an uncertain future on the streets.
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Tiny loft. Fascinating pigeon racing method

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I am a fan of Alan Wheeldon’s articles. I’ve just discovered an article by Alan which left me speechless.
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Interview with Cal Murray, Canada

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Visit Cal Murray’s website.

1. Please tell us something about you: location, age, your work, etc.
I am located in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, approximately 70 miles or so to the north of North Dakota USA. I am a professional commercial real estate appraisal and am now a working senior citizen.
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V-perches and racing motivation

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V perch in the loft

One of the easiest and quickest methods of motivating the males before a race is to bring a new mobile V perch in the loft, and place it somewhere where all the males can claim it (not very close to any of their nest boxes).
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Racing pigeons for sale?

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Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the racing pigeons for sale are for sale because they were not good enough to be kept in the loft. So, what should we look for, when we want to buy a good racing pigeon for the stock loft?
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Male pigeon that has several nest boxes

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Male pigeons and their nest boxes (click to enlarge)

We often have a male that takes more nest boxes. This happens because its instinct tells him to find new places to build nests. You noticed that they do not like to lay a second batch of eggs in the same nest box, especially if the nest box is small. Also their current chicks disturb them and often even climb over the eggs. You can easily see that the males prefer to sleep in any other place than their nest boxes during the night. If the male finds an empty nest box and he gets to sleep there for 1-2 nights, he becomes the master of the box.
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Salmonella – Paratyphoid in pigeons

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Salmonella is the causative/pathogen agent and paratyphoid is the outcome.

Salmonella are gram negative bacteria that infect pigeons, other birds and even animals or humans. There are about 2000 species. Free-ranging birds can be sub-clinical carriers and so they simply are a reservoir of Salmonella. It is known that also mice and rats (and even flies) may be vectors of Salmonella. Read more »

Building a new pigeon loft

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There were several beginners that wrote me asking how to build the loft – how many compartments and how to split the birds during the season and off season. I will describe my first loft using pictures. Keep in mind that this is the easiest setup and as you evolve as a fancier you might want to build more sections.
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5 mistakes of the beginner in the racing pigeons sport

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I’ve made them all 5 and I hope this article will be useful for the beginners just starting this wonderful hobby.

1. View and visit as many lofts as possible before building yours – preferably visit lofts of constant successful fanciers. There are many chances to build it wrong and changing it after that is very hard. You’ll notice many common aspects in ALL the lofts and they are there for a reason (the sputnik, the compartments, the nest boxes, the V perches, and so on). Even if you are stubborn like me and want to build the loft without advice, you’ll soon understand that you were wrong and you have to change it.
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Racing pigeons wallpapers

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I made some racing pigeons wallpapers. Enjoy!


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