Secrets of Champions II – Racing Pigeons DVD

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Following his best-selling “Secrets of Champions”, Jim Jenner helps you learn more from some of the pigeon sports most consistent winners. Filmed in Belgium, Holland, Ireland and England this DVD features Dutch Champion Ad Schaerlaeckens, Irish Champions Ronnie Williamson & Gregg Brothers, English Champions Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland & More.
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Honey for pigeons

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honey-for-pigeonsA lot of fanciers recommend honey for the pigeons before the races or after them, to speed recovery. It not only contains sugars with slow release for a prolonged supply of energy but it also has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

In some hospitals doctors even use honey to heal wounds. It is said that the darker honey has more powerful antioxidant properties.
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2 pigeon chicks in a single egg

Breeding & Genetics • 6,848 views

This summer I was surprised to see a young female (born in 2010) that laid her first eggs at such an age. I was very curious to see the result. Everything went smoothly but after seven days I noticed that one egg was clear (no embryo) and the second seemed fine.
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Bald young pigeon, possibly because of anti worm treatments

Diseases & Treatments • 26,873 views

bald pigeon
A website visitor sent me these pictures. In two days, a pigeon youngster lost 90% of its feathers.
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Moving mature birds

Education & Behavior • 4,823 views

Hi andrei; and fello pigeon fanciers: i really want to thank urself andrei for ur tips. you really gave me alot of help. if u dont mind just a couple of questions re ur 5 top tips, 1. re my loft and stock.etc i am currently in a rented house but we are moving into a new house council home where i will b building my own designed loft, young bird loft hens and cocks etc all seperated.
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“Taking on Tyson” – Animal Planet show with Mike Tyson racing pigeons!

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Animal Planet will start filming a new TV SHOW, “Taking on Tyson“, a show about the world of racing pigeons!
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Book review: The Best of Ad Schaerlaeckens

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I loved this book. There’s a lot of good stuff in it and it definitely should be in your pigeon library. As we got used already, Ad comes with intriguing stuff on the pigeon racing sport and everything has a bit of fun which makes the lecture a real pleasure.
I couldn’t find the Table of Contents online when I was trying to buy the book so, here it is, you might want to know this first:
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Pigeons CAN fly during the night

Racing pigeons • 13,827 views

Mr. Iustin Ciubotariu sent me the picture of one of his long distance pigeons that returned from a 800 Km race during the night, at 1:20 A.M. !
“The Nightflier” is a pigeon born in 2006.
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Peregrine Falcon after My Pigeons

Various • 10,176 views

This story happened for real and I will always remember it. A nice sunny day, but very cold. At 2 o’clock I went out to the loft and set the pigeons free for the daily dose of adrenaline (winter by the mountains, you can imagine). The pigeons already had a lot of hawk attacks experience and they were very fit. Seeing the raptor, they make a very tight flock and fly straight to the horizon extremely fast, leaving the hawk behind. This time, they already did the ranging 2 times and were getting back to the home area like little dots on the sky.
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Pigeon nests and nesting materials

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It is recommended to let the pigeons build their own nests because this activity makes them love the nest more and will help during races. Some of the best materials for pigeon nests are:

  • tobacco sticks
  • pine needles
  • Acacia sticks
  • Walnut leaves sticks

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