So wild, yet so tame

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I have always been fascinated by the duality of the pigeons and the strong constrast between their wild behavior outside the loft and their tame behavior inside the loft, with the fancier. Outside they fly like a hurricane up in the sky, surviving the attacks of the fastest animal on earth, the peregrine falcon, and then they are back in the loft where they change completely in some tame birds that trust you.
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Good racing pigeons are tame. 10/10 from 850 Km / 530 miles

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I was impressed by the fact that there were no losses and 50% pigeons scored. I was also really impressed by their relationship with the fancier. You happen to have a few tame pigeons, but all of them? Brilliant. I assume that most good racing pigeons are tame, or at least don’t fly around and hide like crazy when you enter the loft. And no, I’m not talking about education and time spent with pigeons… I think it’s all in the genes, some pigeons lines are simply wild no matter what you do.

A video by MERIDIAN RACING PIGEONS loft. The pigeons raced from France back to their home in England (529 miles / 850 Km).

Healing a poisoned pigeon

Diseases & Treatments • 3,686 views

Sometimes pigeons go fielding and eat grains with chemicals or drink toxic water and arrive home very ill. Some old wrong advice that still floats in our hobby is that pigeons should be given milk to neutralize the poison – this is totally wrong and in fact you risk to kill the pigeon faster instead of curing it since the milk makes the poison to spread faster! Another wrong advice is to offer pigeons salted water – and this not only does not help but it can hurt the pigeon even more.
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How many eggs does a female lay during her life?

Breeding & Genetics • 7,092 views

Did you know that each female is born with a limmited number of eggs?
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Raptor Video Collection: Falcons & Hawks Atacking Pigeons

Various • 7,078 views

I have always been fascinated by the attacks of the birds of pray on pigeons. Every new attack remains in your memory for years, some of them forever. The adrenaline of those moments is incredible and when the bird tricks the raptor and survives it gives you a great satisfaction.

In this article I will collect movies with peregrine falcons and hawks attacking pigeons – only the best of them. If you know such a movie missing from this collection, please let me know about it!
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Basketing racing pigeons without touching them! Stress free.

Racing pigeons • 5,415 views

I’ve just seen a wonderful method for basketing pigeons for the club or training. If you don’t use this yet (and I’m afraid you don’t) you should adjust your loft immediately. I was jumping allover the loft after my pigeons like crazy. Many fanciers catch their pigeons this way, squeezing them in the loft walls, catching them on the legs, breaking tails and feathers and all that. These will look simply ridiculous after seeing this movie.
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The first clip of a music band featuring pigeons!

Various • 2,857 views

Electro pop band Dansette Junior from United Kingdom used pigeons for their videoclip of PARANOID. Read more »

Protect the pigeons from the hawks with CDs or DVDs reflecting light?

Various • 5,200 views

In this movie John says he used the CDs and DVDs successfully in keeping the hawks away from the loft. Did you try this method? Did it work for you?
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How to turn scared, wild pigeons into tame pigeons

Education & Behavior • 39,313 views

Question: Hi, I am a beginner, I’ve just bought a few pairs of racing pigeons and provided them a nice loft with food, perches, nest boxes and everything they need. When I enter the loft, the birds fly allover the place, they hit the walls and the floor and hurt themselves, they are extremely scared. What can I do for them to accept me and stop being afraid?
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Pigeon lofts – exteriors & aviaries

The Loft • 42,183 views

This article is a growing collection of racing pigeons lofts, presenting exteriors and aviaries. Please feel free to suggest new lofts to add here. Owner of each loft is listed below the pictures. I hope you will feel inspired by them.

Johan Ceulemans
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