Red grit for pigeons

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This is what you get when you feed the pigeons red grit after a few days of shortage: red natural nutrients for the garden.

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Flying Home

Reviews (Books, Movies) • 1,992 views

Flying Home… a movie we’ll love. A movie about life and the racing pigeons sport. It’s also a movie for the general public so it will promote our hobby, which is great.

Tattoos and the racing pigeons sport

Photo Gallery • 1,934 views

This guy really loves his racers!
He will keep his best racers with him forever:
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Do pigeons themselves develop allergies?

Diseases & Treatments • 1,949 views

Hi my name is Adrian and I am from South Africa. I have a question for you: “Do pigeons themselves develop allergies?”

My pigeons occasionally sneeze and I have been thinking that perhaps if I gave them ant-histamine treatment the way that we as humans will take a pill or two when spring arrives as to whether this wouldn’t be an effective treatment to help them stop sneezing.
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Racing pigeons caught in petrol lakes

Racing pigeons • 1,891 views

Some racing pigeons do not get lost because they are stupid, ill or caught by birds of prey. They are lost because they land to drink some water but they get in such factory abandoned petrol waste lakes. Do you have such disasters in your area? How can they be stopped?

Jan Aarden racing pigeons

Racing pigeons • 11,009 views

janaardenDutch fancier Jan Aarden created an impressive strain of marathon racing pigeons.

Jan was born in Oosterhout in 1893 and as a kid he was fascinated by animals and racing pigeons in particular. Since Jan Aarden started to love the racing pigeons, he asked his father and mother dailly to build a pigeon loft at home. When they finally agreed, he was very happy even if the loft was small.
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Twin pigeons

Breeding & Genetics • 2,851 views

twin-pigeonsSomething really spectacular happened in my loft. After the old birds season ended I let them mate and lay eggs. A female laid a very big egg, about twice the normal size. I was certain nothing will hatch from that egg but I was curious. I also noticed the egg had two yolks.
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Photo Gallery • 2,762 views

Here is one of my pigeons telling lies to its loft mates. :)

Barcelona pigeon races by year: 2013, 2012, …

Racing pigeons • 2,303 views

Below you can find information and videos about the Barcelona races by year: 2013, 2012, 2010

Barcelona Pigeon Race 2013

Here are some movies from the Barcelona 2013 pigeon race. 25.382 pigeons compete for fame and victory.

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Droppings: picture of the pigeon’s health

Diseases & Treatments • 16,633 views

It is good to inspect pigeon’s droppings daily because they show the state of the pigeon’s health. The droppings should be firm, like little marbles, and if they have some down bloom feathers on them, it is even better.
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