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Hi andrei; and fello pigeon fanciers: i really want to thank urself andrei for ur tips. you really gave me alot of help. if u dont mind just a couple of questions re ur 5 top tips, 1. re my loft and stock.etc i am currently in a rented house but we are moving into a new house council home where i will b building my own designed loft, young bird loft hens and cocks etc all seperated.

but at the moment i have 1 huge shed which im trying to seperate as much as i can with the space i have. now andrei what i need to know is when i move to my new home and loft, the stock i have which i know are top quality birds and are flying to me, what do i do when i move? as the new home will be only up the road.will i have problems with them dropping into the old loft on training tosses and races? or do i lock them up if so for how long andrei?

my next question is as all my stock are mixed due to lack of space what the hell main diet do i feed them, rembering these birds are not being trained r raceing until next year. at the moment they r getting best all round’ so am i doing right r wrong. thank you so much andrei