How to turn scared, wild pigeons into tame pigeons

Question: Hi, I am a beginner, I’ve just bought a few pairs of racing pigeons and provided them a nice loft with food, perches, nest boxes and everything they need. When I enter the loft, the birds fly allover the place, they hit the walls and the floor and hurt themselves, they are extremely scared. What can I do for them to accept me and stop being afraid?

Answer: There are a few things that will definitely calm the birds and help your relationship with them get better in time. You must also know that while you can still tame the mature birds you bought, it will be much easier with the young birds hatched in your loft.

Recipe for tame birds:

1. Never let their food stay in the loft all day long. Feed them just twice a day and while you feed them stay with them. Take away the remaining food after 10 minutes or so. The birds must be always happy to see you (the food provider) and hunger will help that. Use a calling signal everytime you are going to feed them and the birds will learn to come when you call them. Use the same call everytime (whistling, shaking corn in a cup, etc).
2. Always move slowly around the birds, never try to catch them with quick movements. Quick movements remind them of the predators and you don’t want the birds to associate you with a predator (be it a cat or a hawk).
3. The more time you spend with your birds, the better. I used to have very tame pigeons that ate from my hand or used my shoulders as perches. After I was away for a month during the winter, when I came back they were very scared. After a few days they became tame again. Be patient.


  1. Webmaster

    Hi Dennis. You can tame the mature birds too, just follow the tips above. Offer them food only in your presence and spend more time with them. It will be much easier when you have the tame new generation because they will see the others tame and will feel safer to do the same.

  2. i saw that a female pegion had made a nest at the roof of my house .i think they she is wild and afraid of humans even when i get closer and try to fetch her ,she fly away and does’nt come to fetch her chicks for 1-2 hrs.what shoud i do?

  3. Cassidy

    We have over 22 pigeons in a large cage. They’re having babies like crazy, and I play with the babies almost every day, yet as soon as they are able to fly, they want nothing to do with me. What can I do? Their parents I did the same with, and they are all very wild, or flog me.

  4. Andrei (

    Large cage is the main problem. The larger the cage, the wilder the birds. In a loft where they can’t get away from you they become very tame, provided that you treat them with respect. Also control feeding, please apply the tips above.

  5. Nina

    A large white exhausted homing pigeon turned up at my house in May. It is now September and he is still here. He is flying free and looks very healthy now. I put cracked corn mixed with dove & quail food and fresh water out for him every morning. My concern is that it is turning chilly now and I can’t find a good design anywhere for a winter roosting box to help him get through the winter. If you know where I might find info on this, please let me know.

  6. As a Pigeon rookie,this site is the best one for info on taming pigeons.It took me 3months to get mine to land on me while feeding prior to hand feeding.Number 2 paragraph is very important DO NOT TRY TO FORCEFULLY HANDLE PIGEONS.I have some of my first ones before reading this,will not get near me.When one starts landing on you while hand feeding,move in slow motion and the others will follow.monkey see,monkey do.

  7. Andrei (

    First teach him to accept and eat peanuts (raw, unsalted). They are mad about peanuts. Then whe he’s hungry, start giving peanuts from your hand.

  8. Tuhin

    I got a pigeon about 1 week ago…when I move around him/her, he/she gets scare…what to do to tame that pigeon??? when I feed that pigeon in a paper, he/she eats but does not eat when I feed by hand…pls help…

  9. anason love pigeon

    help me pls…a pigeon fell into my balcony on saturday nite.after a while it got back up…i hav decided to tame it…its very scared when i get close to it,doesnt let me touch it.i started offering it raw rice and water yesterday but IT WONT JST EAT…im scared it will starve…crying…help me out guys,i wont forgive myself if it does starve

  10. Yashas

    Hi guys, there are a whole flock of ferels near my house sometimes few of them used to sit in the terrace I started giving them seeds a few days back..but they simply refuse to eat when I am around..what should I do as I really want to tame them and at what time should I give them the seeds?..


    What seeds do you give them? They prefer some over the others. Try maize, they love it, especially when it is cold. Move really slow around pigeons and they will begin to trust you.

  12. Andrei

    Hi , A few weeks later a pidgeon made his nest here and I started feeding him with bread . Usually every morning i’m feeding him with small pieces of bread , but I have to throw them pretty far for him to eat them . I also give him fresh water everyday .
    But now I want to tame him . I just tried to give him some bread from my hand , he gets closer and closer , but then runs away . He doesn’t fly , but he hides and after a few seconds comes back .
    If I leave the bread on the floor he eats it , but not if it’s in my hand . I tried to move slowly , seemed to worked for a bit but then it didn’t .
    What should I do ? I don’t want to put him in a cage , it’s too brutal .

  13. Rashmikaa

    I have Bought two pigeons.Now They won’t afraid while I am near the cage.But when I give food to them by hands they move away.I kept my hands nearly two hours.But I only got pain.Any advice please.

  14. I just procured an adult male white pigeon who was a dominate force in his former house hold until he was almost killed by a couple of Macaws. He is missing two toes and is very aggressive towards everyone.

    I am bound and determined to tame him though. I’m going to follow your advice so hopefully he’ll let me handle him enough to bathe him and perform check ups on his feet. Thanks so much for posting this information.

  15. kenneth ng

    i saw some pigeons on the open pool area on the building where i live and i decided to feed them, watching them eat has a calming effect on me and makes me happy, this went on for a few months until the maintenance people indicated that there were complaints about the pigeons making a mess with their droppings so i stopped for a couple of weeks on fears that the hater might actually poison the birds, but then i saw rice of grain near the area where i used to feed them so i resumed feeding them.

    feeding them reminds me of how the creator does his work, there are a lot of things that i don’t understand in life, but i am grateful nonetheless for the food, for the work, for the miracles that nature gives and my giving food to the pigeons is my small way of thanking nature back

  16. It is great to see that at the very top you give 3 very detailed tips on how to tame Pigeons, but so very sad that adult humans refuse to read and keep asking the same question over and over again . Thank You sincerely for your tips.

  17. alvir

    I bought a pair of pigeons . It have been 1 week that i have bought them. The are not too young , not to old they can fly. I have tied there both wings . everyday i give them food . But the problem is they are scared of me . so can i untie there wings and let them fly . Will they again come back?

  18. Brandon t

    I live in a condo on a very high floor and would like to tame a pigeon that can fly free at night but come to me during the day because I don’t have a cage. I can get peanuts and bread to try and tame one, but even if I identify an individual pigeon and try to tame it can I train it to come to my house at certain hours?

  19. Birdo

    Hey thanks for the tips. Have seen a lot of pigeons and started feeding them. They are coming and nesting and it is cool to see them eat. The only problem is almost everyday a falcon or hawk shows up. What should I do?

  20. Lwazie

    Big up….i will try to use these tips…bcoz i have the most beautiful pigeons ever but the problem was that I couldn’t tame them in order to eat on my hand…and that frustrates me since i always wanted to be their best buddy…

  21. Stephen

    I bought 2 pigeons about 2 weeks is big and the other is kindda small.,the smaller one seems to be calm and allows me to touch it when she is in the cage,but the bigger will run away like he has seen a predator…what do i do to the bigger pigeon to be more friendly?

  22. Stacy Royce

    I have wild pigeons all day long because I feed them and grew a relationship with them . They all fly in at 6 in the morning from afar when I call and they don’t leave till dark. What can I do to make this a comfortable home here . What do I need to build for them or make them stay here at night?

  23. Amy

    A pair of wild pigeons nests each year on my deck. I have been feeding them and getting them used to me. This year they have 2 babies. The adults let me get close, but not the babies. The problem is that they seem to have invited all their friends. There are now a dozen or more pigeons hanging out and pooping all over my deck. I want to shoo away the newcomers but not scare the babies. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  24. afra

    I have adopted two baby pigeons. We feed them by hand daily but the big one is scared of me and my father. He is only 21 days old. How can I be friends with him. He always trying to bite me. And the other one has a broken leg. How can I cure her. And how can I save them from mosquitoes

  25. Katrina

    Hello. A beautiful white pigeon with brown wings turned up in my front yard this week and I have been feeding him/her. He/She is very comfortable with humans but won’t feed from your hand yet. He does not leave my house and sleeps on the top of my roof. (Not under cover) I’m concerned about him/her not having a safe and secure place to sleep. If I purchase a bird cage/pigeon box for him. How do I get him/her to use it?


    @Katrina: look at pigeon loft samples online. It will be hard to have him use a loft but if you build a loft and put a few pigeons in it, the white pigeon might want to join them.

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