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honey-for-pigeonsA lot of fanciers recommend honey for the pigeons before the races or after them, to speed recovery. It not only contains sugars with slow release for a prolonged supply of energy but it also has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

In some hospitals doctors even use honey to heal wounds. It is said that the darker honey has more powerful antioxidant properties.

For pigeons, honey must be given in water but nobody talks about the exact quantity of honey to use per gallon or liter of water. I think nobody knows for sure so they just guess what the amount should be. This is why I’m not too confortable with honey for pigeons because I’m afraid not to do more harm than good. Too much honey can create an environment in the pigeon that is friendly for chlamydia. Fanciers recommend to provide honey only 1-3 days in a row and eventually use acidic stuff like apple vinegar after that to discourage such diseases.

I’m really curious if you use honey and HOW MUCH. Should we use 1 tablespoon of honey per liter of water? Why not 2 tablespoons? Or, why not 1/2 tablespoon? This is what I’m trying to figure out, because with medicine you can’t blindly go random and hope it works. I will update this when I have clear data about the amounts of honey to use.