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Are the whites, the reds, red bars or the white grizzles able to race at the same level as the usual blue bars and checkers?

It is said that the white feathers deteriorate much faster than the usual feathers with dark pigments. It is also said that the birds of pray tend to prefer the whites when they attack a flock but I don’t think this is always true. Let me tell you why. My flock consists of mainly blue bars and checkers, from 55 birds, only 1 is red and 2 are pieds. Let me tell you that from all the attacks I saw on the flock (and I see them often, both from hawks and peregrine falcons!), the hawk never chose the red female or the two pieds because they are speedy and fit. I think that the bird of pray will always choose the weakest bird, or a bird that isn’t fit (too fat, untrained, and so on). The birds of pray MUST lose a minimum of energy when they hunt so they will go for the weakest and not for the odd colored. I strongly believe this fact.

However, why don’t we see too many reds or whites in the exhibitions at the end of the seasons?
Can a white pigeon become a champion as easy as a blue bar can?