Feather color and racing performance


Are the whites, the reds, red bars or the white grizzles able to race at the same level as the usual blue bars and checkers?

It is said that the white feathers deteriorate much faster than the usual feathers with dark pigments. It is also said that the birds of pray tend to prefer the whites when they attack a flock but I don’t think this is always true. Let me tell you why. My flock consists of mainly blue bars and checkers, from 55 birds, only 1 is red and 2 are pieds. Let me tell you that from all the attacks I saw on the flock (and I see them often, both from hawks and peregrine falcons!), the hawk never chose the red female or the two pieds because they are speedy and fit. I think that the bird of pray will always choose the weakest bird, or a bird that isn’t fit (too fat, untrained, and so on). The birds of pray MUST lose a minimum of energy when they hunt so they will go for the weakest and not for the odd colored. I strongly believe this fact.

However, why don’t we see too many reds or whites in the exhibitions at the end of the seasons?
Can a white pigeon become a champion as easy as a blue bar can?


  1. redskin15

    However, why don’t we see too many reds or whites in the exhibitions at the end of the seasons?
    Can a white pigeon become a champion as easy as a blue bar can?

    -My personal view on this question is that either white or reds is really capable of winning a race and i believe a lot of facier will agree and that only lead us to another question on how many fancier will get the chance to line up their whites or reds for a race at and what percentage? its a questions of quantity because of the low percentage of red and white entry, the chance of winning a race is slim…unlike with blue bars, chequer etc…these are regular colors and 80-90% of one’s loft are consist of this color.

  2. Jen

    In answer to the question concerning color. I believe it has to do with domamant genes. Breeders are breeding for domanant traits, speed , stamana ect. The fact that blue bars and blue checks are the domant colors in pigeons (like white with red eyes are in lab rats) leads me to believe the higher number of blues at the end of season is coincidental.
    Every bird with the right handling has a chance to be a champion. The best bird with bad handling can lose to cheap but well conditioned bird.

  3. larry

    Possible cause mainly the trainer are hesitant to use their white bird on racing because of afraid to loose them or at some point they consider the said color are fragile. But on my opinion color is not an issue the best thing to consider the best entry on the racing game. First they done on complete training period by observing them if they are in full condition, alertness and activeness, when handling them shaky to loose, within flying weight , and best of all the condition of the feather complete and glossy and durable.

  4. leigh

    well today has proved thet my wight cock can win hes just come from 294 miles and won the race in a west south west wind

    so he has proved that wight pigeons can win

  5. Cassidy

    I have two white pigeons, though one is still in the nest with it’s mother, the other, which is it’s grandmother, is one of the fastest pigeons I’ve ever had. She just showed up one day. I’m not sure of the breed, and we don’t race them, but the pigeons race each other when we let them out, and she almost always wins when she’s in top shape, but not right after being on the nest as she is now.
    We have two reds, one the brother of the young white, the other is really fast, with a huge wingspan compared to the others, and is related to the other red and whites.
    the young red however, is very awkward right now, his wings and feet and head are large, but he just hasn’t equaled out with his body yet. we have several black ones, gray ones, one tumbler, which has taught all the others how to tumble, and a bunch of gray, black, and white feathered ones. All are extremely fast, but I wouldn’t want to risk losing them in a race.

  6. john

    well l think more racers have blue bars and blue checkered homers than ash reds,white and black pigeons is because there are more people with blue pigeon than colored so people just follow others and just have one breed instead of colored pigeons. to me people follow others and breed one breed that they like.

  7. Don

    Have flown white & splashes etc for over 20 years, Have won with all colors. Won an auction toung bird race with 2 nest mates both b/ck splashes. we sent 650 birds,mine were the only 2 to clock, both were Bogosians. Colored birds can win as with all racers it depends on the care and training.

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