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It is good to inspect pigeon’s droppings daily because they show the state of the pigeon’s health. The droppings should be firm, like little marbles, and if they have some down bloom feathers on them, it is even better.

Wet droppigns show different problems in the pigeon’s metabolism, not necessarily disease, but anyway something is wrong.

The picture below shows some loose wet pigeon droppings – they are from a yearling bird I have. He is one of the wildest pigeons, always stressed and nervous. I think that this affects it’s well being and so the entire body becomes unstable, loose droppings being one of the results. I also noticed that more pigeons get these loose droppings when the weather changes suddenly, especially when the temperature rises.
loose wet pigeon droppings

While many fanciers told me they had pigeons with loose droppings that won nice prizes, it is still better to find something like this when you check the nest boxes – dry firm droppings with some down feathers:
firm down feathers bloom pigeon feces

Here are two good videos showing healthy pigeon droppings:
(by John Lamberton)