Do pigeons themselves develop allergies?

Hi my name is Adrian and I am from South Africa. I have a question for you: “Do pigeons themselves develop allergies?”

My pigeons occasionally sneeze and I have been thinking that perhaps if I gave them ant-histamine treatment the way that we as humans will take a pill or two when spring arrives as to whether this wouldn’t be an effective treatment to help them stop sneezing.

Could it be that pigeons sometimes succumb to dust overloads and develop hay fever during peak that peak at times because of increased dust and other pollutants in the air.

I notice this time of the year with the wind blowing, fleas, etc that my dogs develop a kind of hay fever, which I then treat with over the counter allergy pills and this seems to help, in combination with flea treatment.

I have been wondering as to whether one cannot give this to pigeons as well, in their drinking water and perhaps it will similarly dry up their mucus membranes and stop the symptoms associated with allergies?

If one did this would it be harmful to baby pigeons?

I try really hard to keep the loft clean.

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    Hi Adrian. I don’t think pigeons can get allergies but the symptoms you describe are common in respiratory problems. There are several respiratory diseases pigeons can catch, and yes the dust in the loft and overcrowding make it worse. If you don’t race them, I wouldn’t treat because they aren’t dangerous most of the time and pigeons get rid of them if they have the proper loft, feeding and life style.

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