Peregrine Falcon feeding


I was finally able to film a peregrine falcon eating on the ground. It took one of my pigeons but I didn’t see where it landed. Later I heard the […]

Computer game scene – messenger pigeon in war flying over the battle field


I have always been impressed by those old pictures of messenger pigeons in the war and the stories around them.

Led vests for pigeons to protect them from birds of prey attacks


Günter Schmidt made pigeon led vests to protect his racing pigeons from birds of prey attacks.

Epic hawk atack at the loft! (Cam Captured)


Sometimes a video camera can capture some epic moments… and you can watch in slow motion some of the greatest hawk atacks that you can hardly see in real time […]

Catfish hunting pigeons

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Can you believe it? Our pigeons aren’t prey only for hawks, falcons and furry animals. I thought I’ve seen it all, but this clip left me speechless. Fish hunting pigeons?! […]

Transporting pigeons without a basket

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“boxless transport!” A friend of mine gave me an youngster and I didn’t have the basket with me so he wrapped the bird in a newspaper.

Why you should be at the loft when you let the pigeons out


Why is it good to be around the loft when you let the birds out for training? Because in case a hawk attacks, especially when you have young birds, it […]

Raptor Video Collection: Falcons & Hawks Atacking Pigeons


I have always been fascinated by the attacks of the birds of pray on pigeons. Every new attack remains in your memory for years, some of them forever. The adrenaline […]

The first clip of a music band featuring pigeons!


Electro pop band Dansette Junior from United Kingdom used pigeons for their videoclip of PARANOID.

Protect the pigeons from the hawks with CDs or DVDs reflecting light?

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Using CDs or DVDs that reflect the light at the loft might scare the birds of pray and protect the pigeons.