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Flying Home

1,630 views • 3 comments

Flying Home… a movie we’ll love. A movie about life and the racing pigeons sport. It’s also a movie for the general public so it will promote our hobby, which […]

War of the birds

2,502 views • 1 comment

Watch this great documentary about the hero pigeons that delivered messages during the World War II. After seeing this movie, you’ll love messenger pigeons even more. The messenger pigeons saved […]

Secrets of Champions II – Racing Pigeons DVD

7,156 views • 3 comments

Featuring Dutch Champion Ad Schaerlaeckens, Irish Champions Ronnie Williamson & Gregg Brothers, English Champions Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland & More.

Book review: The Best of Ad Schaerlaeckens

10,933 views • 12 comments

I loved this book. There’s a lot of good stuff in it and it definitely should be in your pigeon library. As we got used already, Ad comes with intriguing […]

Ruby Blue

2,860 views • 1 comment

Not really about racing pigeons, the movie shows how they can bring people together and even change lives.