Racing pigeons

Racing pigeons caught in petrol lakes

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Some racing pigeons do not get lost because they are stupid, ill or caught by birds of prey. They are lost because they land to drink some water but they […]

Jan Aarden racing pigeons

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Jan Aarden is the creator of one of the most famous strains of marathon racing pigeons.

Barcelona pigeon races by year: 2013, 2012, …


Below you can find information and videos about the Barcelona races by year: 2013, 2012, 2010 Barcelona Pigeon Race 2013 Here are some movies from the Barcelona 2013 pigeon race. […]

Basketing racing pigeons without touching them! Stress free.

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Wonderful method for basketing pigeons without touching them.

Pigeons CAN fly during the night

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This pigeon returned from a 800 Km race during the night, at 1:20 A.M.

Tiny loft. Fascinating pigeon racing method

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Fascinating article by Alan Wheeldon. The smallest loft in Europe.

Interview with Cal Murray, Canada

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An interview with Cal Murray, racing pigeons fancier from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

V-perches and racing motivation

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Using a mobile V perch in the loft for motivation before a race.

Racing pigeons for sale?

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Which are the best sources of quality racing pigeons for sale?

5 mistakes of the beginner in the racing pigeons sport

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I’ve made them all 5 and I hope this article will be useful for the beginners just starting this wonderful hobby.