Feeding peanuts to my males

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Feeding peanuts is the easiest way to become friends with pigeons. My males have to be in their nest box or they will not get their treat.

Red grit for pigeons

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This is what you get when you feed the pigeons red grit after a few days of shortage: red natural nutrients for the garden. Before:

Honey for pigeons

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A lot of fanciers recommend honey for the pigeons before the races or after them, to speed recovery.

Electrolytes for the racing pigeons – good or bad?

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Can racing pigeons win without electrolytes? Different opinions on electrolytes.

Probiotics for racing pigeons

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We can fight salmonella by taking care of the good bacteria in the pigeon’s gut adding probiotics.

Is salt necessary in the loft?

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Let’s see, why exactly is the salt necessary? How to avoid salt poisoning in pigeons?