Education & Behavior

Bath without water – showing the conditioned reflex in pigeons


Here are my pigeons taking a bath without water. :) They have been using that white pool since they were babies so they know it’s bath time when they see […]

Zorro V.S. Panzer – male pigeons fight

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What should you do when you have a dominant male that fights a lot with all his neighbors? Give him another dominant male as a neighbor to keep him busy!

So wild, yet so tame


I have always been fascinated by the duality of the pigeons and the strong constrast between their wild behavior outside the loft and their tame behavior inside the loft, with […]

Good racing pigeons are tame. 10/10 from 850 Km / 530 miles

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I was impressed by the fact that there were no losses and 50% pigeons scored. I was also really impressed by their relationship with the fancier. You happen to have […]

How to turn scared, wild pigeons into tame pigeons

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Learn how to turn wild scared pigeons into tame calm pigeons in a few easy steps.

Moving mature birds

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Hi andrei; and fello pigeon fanciers: i really want to thank urself andrei for ur tips. you really gave me alot of help. if u dont mind just a couple […]

Male pigeon that has several nest boxes


Here’s what to do to avoid having males with more nest boxes.