Breeding & Genetics

Twin pigeons

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Something really spectacular happened in my loft. After the old birds season ended I let them mate and lay eggs. A female laid a very big egg, about twice the […]

sexing pigeons

Sexing pigeon babies – how to decide if the squab is male or female?

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Somebody sent me this picture that shows you how to tell the sex of the baby pigeon in the nest.

Collect walnut tree leaves for pigeons nesting material

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The walnut trees dropped their dry leaves. It’s time to start collecting the leaves for next year’s pigeon nests.

Pigeons remove the eggs shells away from the nest box

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I have always been fascinated by this instinct they kept from the wild, to remove the egg shells and take them far away from the nest box.

How many eggs does a female lay during her life?


Did you know that each female is born with a limmited number of eggs?

2 pigeon chicks in a single egg

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A very young female (a few months old) dropped her first eggs and one of the eggs contained two chicks!

Pigeon nests and nesting materials

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Some of the best materials for pigeon nests.

8 youngsters from 1 pair – case study #1

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Alan Wheeldon’s article “Breeding Winners” inspired me for this case study. I got bred 8 yb’s from the same couple.

The fascination of RED

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Are there strong families of reds nowadays? Many fanciers love REDS.