Building a new pigeon loft

There were several beginners that wrote me asking how to build the loft – how many compartments and how to split the birds during the season and off season. I will describe my first loft using pictures. Keep in mind that this is the easiest setup and as you evolve as a fancier you might want to build more sections.

The loft consists of 2 sections, that are used in different ways during the year:


– SECTION 1: used to keep the mature birds (couples) during the racing and breeding season (natural method)
– SECTION 2: used to host the young birds after weaning, until autumn after the young bird races


– SECTION 1: used to keep the males, each of them defending its nest box. Here there are the old males and the young males from section 2 that survived the young birds racing season
– SECTION 2: used to keep all the females during winter. My setup isn’t good because they can mate and use those little boxes as nests, and believe me, they really mate if they stay away from the males more than 2-3 months. You’d better use only V perches here.

Males during winter in section 1:

Females during winter in section 2:

Also you can see the young birds after weaning, brought in section 2, which was empty because all the females moved to section #1 in spring for the mating and racing season.


Obviously, you may have stock birds that you bought and you need to have a 3rd section for them since they can’t be set free. I preferred to buy young birds for stock and keep it simple. By the way, both rooms have a common sputnik which makes things easier. When the mature birds are out, the young birds are locked, and so on.


Later you may decide you want to race using the widowhood method – you will need another section for the widowhood females.


  1. Francois

    hi there, i am looking for plans to build a cage, since i am new to racing pigeons, i have no idea what an ideal cage would look like, at this stage i have 9 pigeons. Many thanks. Francois

  2. Webmaster

    Hi Francois, what exactly do you mean by plans? A pigeon loft should have at least 2 rooms, one for mature birds and one for youngsters. The mature birds should have nest boxes and the young birds should have perches, like you see in the photos above.

  3. albert mare

    Hi fracois i am new in pigeon racing .my back yard is very small and i dont have much place .the size i want to build 3m by4m how many sections can put there.and how many birds in each section. and big must the section be. thanks Albert

  4. jaffawarrior

    Hi all, my pidgeons do such big mess everywhere, they are always eat soo much and their mess is covering everything. So huge and sometimes 1 ft across each one. How do you stop this?

  5. Hi all, I am 18 years old so you can still see I’m young. I just want to ask you if you don’t have a nice plan to build the perfect pigeon loft, remember I live in South Africa so the weather is not the same will yours or the seasons is not the same time. I want a loft that is well ventilated, thank you hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Jayson

    If you buy old birds,can these never be let out?
    Will they never adapt to their new home?
    How long do you keep young birds in before releasing them to fly?

    Looking forward to hearing from you



    Old birds usually fly back to their initial home when you set them free. Some stay. Depends on how much they like the new home. The young birds should get out when they feel strong enough, and not too late. After weaning they will soon start to fly around the entrance.

  8. muthu

    I am trying to build the loft for young ones with 8x8x8 inches for one bird is this sufficient. height and length 8 inch square and depth is 5 inches

  9. We found a pigeon in our back area where we currently have goats. he could not fly but is walking and eating well because we have already gone thru 5# of feed.
    WE would like a simple design for housing for him or her? and possibly get this bird a friend once built so they can keep each other company. Any help would be appreciated. thanks……..Bill in Spring Hill

  10. Kim

    Thank you for writing the above article and including pictures. I have been looking for days to find a good example of a loft to build for a beginner. This is a perfect example to me! Big enough, but not huge, and it shows me a way to help control breeding. Thanks so much!

  11. Steve

    I just purchased a home in 93292 Visalia, Ca that has a three car garage size room full of pigeon cages. They are free to anybody who come remove them. I can send pictures if anybody is interested.

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