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There were several beginners that wrote me asking how to build the loft – how many compartments and how to split the birds during the season and off season. I will describe my first loft using pictures. Keep in mind that this is the easiest setup and as you evolve as a fancier you might want to build more rooms.

The loft consists of 2 rooms, that are used in different ways during the year:


– ROOM 1: used to keep the mature birds (couples) during the racing and breeding season
– ROOM 2: used to host the young birds after weaning, until autumn after the young bird races


– ROOM 1: used to keep the males, each of them defending its nest box. Here there are the old males and the young males from ROOM2 that survived the young birds racing season
– ROOM 2: used to keep all the females during winter. My setup isn’t good because they can mate and use those little boxes as nests, and believe me, they really mate if they stay away from the males more than 2-3 months. You’d better use only V perches here.

Males during winter in room 1:

Females during winter in room 2:

Also you can see the young birds after weaning, brought in room 2, which was empty because all the females moved to room #1 in spring for the mating and racing season.


Obviously, you may have stock birds that you bought and you need to have a 3rd room for them since they can’t be set free. I preferred to buy young birds for stock and keep it simple. By the way, both rooms have a common sputnik which makes things easier. When the mature birds are out, the young birds are locked, and so on.