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I loved this book. There’s a lot of good stuff in it and it definitely should be in your pigeon library. As we got used already, Ad comes with intriguing stuff on the pigeon racing sport and everything has a bit of fun which makes the lecture a real pleasure.
I couldn’t find the Table of Contents online when I was trying to buy the book so, here it is, you might want to know this first:

The Best of Ad Schaerlaeckens – Table of Contents
1. The Schaerlaeckens files
2. The press
3. Review of 2007
4. The long hot summer
5. The English patient
6. What you should know
7. Double widowhood
8. The road not taken
9. Some do nots
10. Electrolytes
11. Trapping
12. The sound of hollow barrels
13. Pedigrees don’t fly
14. Clip rings are a blessing
15. A growing problem
16. Smart or not?
17. That’s the way it goes
18. Questions and answers
19. Conditioning
20. Dusarduyn
21. Don’t mess around
22. Young bird disease
23. Klak again
24. Let’s get visual
25. The story of the twins
26. Useful or useless?
27. Wrong choice
28. Breeders do exist
29. Interview with a Taiwanese Champion, Mr. Lai
30. Country boy in the big city
31. Can sprint birds handle longer distances?
32. All you need is luck
33. A winner need not be the best
34. Requirements
35. Save money
36. Belgian’s fastest in 2006
37. Direct and pure
38. How come?
39. Through Western eyes
40. The truth may hurt
41. No results
42. Water
– Pigeon terms for starters
For me, the sweetest chapter was the one about Dusarduyn and his advices. Here’s a short extract:
1. Keep things simple.
2. Do not try to run before you walk.
3. Forget about names and strains. There are 2 kinds of pigeons – good and bad. :)
4. Do not keep many birds and enjoy an expensive soup now and then. Dusarduyn saldom raced more than six birds. (WOW)
5. Regularity is important. Many methods are good, one method is bad: to change it again and again.
6. If you race long distance, give the birds two years to mature.
7. Never enter a good “one day bird” in a two days race.
8. You cannot ignore medicines and the vets like in the past.
9. If you only keep good birds, you aren’t afraid of free mating. Luck is the king of our sport. (I LOVED THIS POINT).
10. The loft is very important for the condition of the birds.

You can order the book from the guys at Syndicate Lofts here.