Racing pigeons • 5,388 views

I’ve just seen a wonderful method for basketing pigeons for the club or training. If you don’t use this yet (and I’m afraid you don’t) you should adjust your loft immediately. I was jumping allover the loft after my pigeons like crazy. Many fanciers catch their pigeons this way, squeezing them in the loft walls, catching them on the legs, breaking tails and feathers and all that. These will look simply ridiculous after seeing this movie.

The method of these guys is sooooo smooth and efficient. No stress for the pigeons, no stress for the fancier. This is the way it should be, the racing pigeon must think about its loft as the safest place on Earth, the place where it rests and is stress free, the place he loves, not the place where his fancier strikes like a hawk.