Bald young pigeon, possibly because of anti worm treatments

bald pigeon
A website visitor sent me these pictures. In two days, a pigeon youngster lost 90% of its feathers.

The plumage first felt off the belly and chest and then from the rest of the body. Only some remained on the head. The feathers of the wings “dried off” from the middle and then broke. The feather roots remained in the skin, still having blood in them. Even more interesting is the fact that the nest brother of the bird and its parents are perfectly healthy.

bald young pigeon

Most of the fanciers consider this as a result of too high doses of medication, or even normal dosages of anti-worm medication. But again, why the nest brother and other birds are fine? It might be a genetic problem or the bird was more sensitive to treatments than the others.


  1. Dr. Ibne Ali

    Benzimidazole group of anthelmentics should not be used during moulting, since they can induce feather abnormalities, rather you can go for LEVAMISOLE treatment best for pigeons according to me. 30% w/w powder of levamisole, 1gm/lit of water or 30mg / kg body weight.

  2. carmel

    Just checked my worming stuff left over from the chickens. Had given it to my pigeons for a few days. It says Levamisol Hydrochloride. So I have not poisoned my little guy or girl.

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