Racing pigeons • 10 views

Perseverance is the most important quality of a racing pigeon. I think it is far more important than muscle quality, wing and feathers.
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Led vests for pigeons to protect them from birds of prey attacks

Various • 24 views

Günter Schmidt made pigeon led vests to protect his racing pigeons from birds of prey attacks.
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Young birds training during local Rock festival

Racing pigeons • 638 views

Here’s my flock of 2015 young birds training at home during our local Rock Festival Weekend.

Bath without water – showing the conditioned reflex in pigeons

Education & Behavior • 1,186 views

thumb-bath-conditioned-reflexHere are my pigeons taking a bath without water. :) They have been using that white pool since they were babies so they know it’s bath time when they see it.
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Starlings and pigeons mixed flock VS the hawk

Videos • 2,341 views

I think I am the first who ever filmed a mixed flock of pigeons and starlings. My youngster pigeons got scared by the hawk and started the “dance” around it up in the sky. A flock of young starlings joined my pigeons. Power in numbers!
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Feeding peanuts to my males

Feeding • 2,373 views

Feeding peanuts is the easiest way to become friends with pigeons. My males have to be in their nest box or they will not get their treat.
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Zorro V.S. Panzer – male pigeons fight

Education & BehaviorVideos • 1,853 views

What should you do when you have a dominant male that fights a lot with all his neighbors? Give him another dominant male as a neighbor to keep him busy!
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Red grit for pigeons

Feeding • 2,371 views

This is what you get when you feed the pigeons red grit after a few days of shortage: red natural nutrients for the garden.

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Flying Home

Videos • 1,332 views

Flying Home… a movie we’ll love. A movie about life and the racing pigeons sport. It’s also a movie for the general public so it will promote our hobby, which is great.

Tattoos and the racing pigeons sport

Photo Gallery • 1,305 views

This guy really loves his racers!
He will keep his best racers with him forever:
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