Peregrine Falcon feeding

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I was finally able to film a peregrine falcon eating on the ground. It took one of my pigeons but I didn’t see where it landed. Later I heard the crows and magpies and spotted him.
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Vlog: Winter Freedom

Pigeonmania Blog • 1,736 views

Winter freedom for racing pigeons can be dangerous because of the birds of prey but it is very healthy for the pigeons. You can see the natural selection at work. Read more »

Computer game scene – messenger pigeon in war flying over the battle field

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I have always been impressed by those old pictures of messenger pigeons in the war and the stories around them.
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Pigeonmania Blog • 1,718 views

Perseverance is the most important quality of a racing pigeon. I think it is far more important than muscle quality, wing and feathers.
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Led vests for pigeons to protect them from birds of prey attacks

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Günter Schmidt made pigeon led vests to protect his racing pigeons from birds of prey attacks.
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Young birds training during local Rock festival

Pigeonmania Blog • 2,285 views

Here’s my flock of 2015 young birds training at home during our local Rock Festival Weekend.

Bath without water – showing the conditioned reflex in pigeons

Education & Behavior • 2,796 views

Here are my pigeons taking a bath without water. :) They have been using that white pool since they were babies so they know it’s bath time when they see it.
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Starlings and pigeons mixed flock VS the hawk

Pigeonmania Blog • 4,086 views

I think I am the first who ever filmed a mixed flock of pigeons and starlings. My youngster pigeons got scared by the hawk and started the “dance” around it up in the sky. A flock of young starlings joined my pigeons. Power in numbers!
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Feeding peanuts to my males

Feeding • 4,138 views

Feeding peanuts is the easiest way to become friends with pigeons. My males have to be in their nest box or they will not get their treat.
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Zorro V.S. Panzer – male pigeons fight

Education & Behavior • 3,184 views

What should you do when you have a dominant male that fights a lot with all his neighbors? Give him another dominant male as a neighbor to keep him busy!
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